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Designing large-scale gut microbiome studies - 10 essential considerations

Posted by Erin Carpenter on Jun 12, 2018 9:51:00 AM

With a growing number of research studies showing associations between the gut microbiome and disease, this is a burgeoning field with fundamental questions that still need to be understood. The gut microbiome is composed of the community of microorganisms that dwell in our intestinal system, and elucidating the significance of this rich and diverse ecosystem is of great importance to human health. Large-scale studies with the sheer statistical power and immense volumes of data able to show strong correlations and draw meaningful conclusions are needed in this booming area of discovery.

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How critical is it to stabilize and standardize the microbiome profile?

Posted by Megan McGrath on Feb 15, 2017 9:46:00 AM

One of the most critical components of studying the microbiome is ensuring you have a profile that is representative of the microbial community present in the donor. The reality of microbiome research, and any research for that matter, is that a variety of factors can impact the quality of your sample and its microbial community and thus, the quality of your data. Assume for example, that the microbial profile resembles Diagram “A” when in the in vivo state. The goal is to minimize any potential source of variability so that your sample accurately reflects that of the in vivo state (Diagram B) rather than an “ex vivo” artefact (Diagram C). Think of it like this: you could take a “snapshot” of the microbial community at the time of collection, preserve it through the analysis and generate an accurate microbiome profile.

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Scientists from Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) and J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) call for standardization of microbiome sample collection and stabilization  protocols

Posted by Lisa Gamwell on Sep 13, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Standardization of microbiome protocols is an increasing hot topic. It was recently discussed at a National Institute for Standards and Technology workshop and is required to make large scale microbiome research efforts like the White Houses’ National Microbiome Initiative possible. The only thing that is potentially discussed as often as standardization is the “inevitable” jump from using 16S rRNA sequencing to query microbiome profiles to a whole genome sequencing (WGS) based approach. In a recent publication in Nature’s Scientific Reports entitled “A robust ambient temperature collection and stabilization strategy: Enabling worldwide functional studies of the human microbiome”, Dr. Ericka Anderson along with colleagues and collaborators from HLI and JCVI tackle both of these topics as part of the HLI program to bring standardization to their microbiome sequencing process.

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What could you do with 60 days of sample stability?

Posted by Laura Payne on Jul 14, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Collecting fecal samples is not an easy task. Problems can arise during every step of the process, from recruiting donors to analysing the microbial profiles of your samples. Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?

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How does Cincinnati Children’s Hospital use the microbiome to study lupus? A look inside with Diana Taft

Posted by Megan McGrath on Jul 28, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Diana_Taft_PictureWe reached out to Diana Taft at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center to talk with her about her research in the microbiome field.

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Microbiome learnings from the Weizmann Institute

Posted by Cindy MacCullough on May 26, 2015 1:53:00 PM

Update: Since this interview with the Weizmann Institute, the results of the Personalized Nutrition Project have been published in the journal Cell: “Personalized Nutrition by Prediction of Glycemic Responses”

We sat down with Adina Weinberger from the Weizmann Institute to discuss her research in the microbiome field and her experience with using the OMNIgeneâ—ŹGUT* collection and stabilization device. Adina and her team at Weizmann started a research project called the Personalized Nutrition Project (PNP). In this project the blood glucose levels of healthy individuals are monitored over the course of a week and a fecal sample is collected from each participant once during the week. To date they have tested ~800 people and their goal is to include 1000 participants. The team wants to understand the relationship between specific patterns of blood glucose levels and the microbiome of a given individual to determine if there are global rules or trends that emerge.

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