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Dingoes, African wild dogs and Oragene•ANIMAL

Posted by Kellie Leigh on Mon, Dec 20, 2010 @ 10:12 AM

Kellie Leigh, PhD is the Founder of the Zambian Carnivore Program and an advocate for African Wild Dog Conservation. Kellie arrived in the Lower Zambezi by accident, recognized the ecological importance of the wild dog, and initially started off funding the project by sales of her own wildlife paintings. She then established African Wild Dog Conservation (now the Zambian Carnivore Program) as a Zambian non-profit society and set about raising funds at an international level. Kellie has used the Oragene•ANIMAL kits in an unusual way – to collect controls for her research project on African wild dogs. I hope you enjoy her colorful story.

The African wild dog genetics project, being carried out through the University of Sydney and supported by Painted Dog Conservation Inc., Australia, is making good progress. There were a few hitches with some of the low quality/quantity blood DNA samples from the field project in Zambia having to be cleaned up and fiddled with, but the wonderful folks at the University of Sydney have sorted that out and the samples are ready to go, with final analysis about to begin. Dingo DNA is being run alongside the wild dog samples, as a control, to give a relative measure of success. Collecting the samples from the dingoes was a bit of an adventure. There is a new DNA collection product available called Oragene•ANIMAL from DNA Genotek Inc., which looks like a cotton cue tip to most, but it is getting animal geneticists all excited. It’s a long stick with a soft sponge tip, which needs to be put into the mouth of the animal being sampled and held in the saliva in the cheek pouch, outside the teeth, for 15 seconds either side. Then it goes into a tube containing a magic solution which stabilizes the DNA.

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Saliva Provides High Yield Canine DNA

Posted by Ellen MacLean on Thu, Dec 10, 2009 @ 15:12 PM

People often think of genetic research and testing as a solely human pursuit but scientists and clinicians often study animals and plants as well. Genetic researchers and clinicians study models of animal disease in animals as well as human diseases with animal models.

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