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Spotlight on DNA Genotek's Newest Partners

Posted by Shauna White on Thu, Feb 04, 2010 @ 09:02 AM

DNA Genotek partner logoIn November of 2009, DNA Genotek announced their new global partner program. The program is designed to help partners scale and differentiate themselves in the genomics market. The DNA Genotek Partner Program is open to technology vendors as well as genomics and diagnostic service providers who have demonstrated capabilities in providing services for our sample collection products.

The DNA Genotek Partner Program is designed to help connect our customers with an approved service provider to process Oragene samples. Key to the program is our ability to provide customers with confidence of compatibility with a full range of downstream processing and analysis solutions offered by multiple technology vendors.

Since the launch of this program, 15 new companies have successfully completed validation of DNA Genotek products with their service or product offering. These companies are from a variety of countries and are available to help our customers process DNA saliva samples.

Here is the list of the newest companies to complete their validation testing:

  1. Affymetrix (US) 
  2. Beckman Coulter Genomics (US)
  3. BioServe Biotechnologies, Ltd. (US)
  4. Center for Applied Genomics - Institute of Genomic Medicine (UK)
  5. chemagen AG (Germany and US)
  6. Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. (US)
  7. Geneservice (UK)
  8. Genetic Repositories Australia - GRA (Australia)
  9. Génome Québec & Montreal Heart Institute - Pharmacogenomics Centre (Canada)
  10. Gen-Probe - Tepnel Pharmaceutical Services (UK)
  11. Q Chip Ltd. (UK)
  12. Tecan (US)
  13. The Centre for Applied Genomics - TCAG (Canada)
  14. UK DNA Banking Network (UK)
  15. Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility - Genetics Core (Scotland)

For more information on each of these partners and what they offer, see the partner section of our web site.  

Congratulations to these companies for completing their testing so quickly. While we're excited about this positive response to our program, we have many more companies from around the world currently working on validations with our products. Be sure to stay tuned to The Genetic Link for the latest updates on new DNA Genotek partners.

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