BioServe Joins DNA Genotek Partner Program

DNA Genotek, DNA Genotek partner, partner logoThis morning, BioServe Biotechnologies announced that they have completed validation testing of the Oragene/saliva collection kits and have joined DNA Genotek's Partner Program. Now, BioServe can offer customers a comprehensive testing platform for extraction and genetic analysis for Oragene/saliva samples. BioServe has validated Oragene kits for use within its DNA extraction and genotyping service, including sample quantification and normalization; whole genome amplification; multiplex-based genotyping, expression analysis and sample archiving.

"Validating Oragene/saliva kits for use with our genomic services is consistent with our goal of providing customers the highest quality and most economical services," said Rama Modali, president, BioServe. "Partnering with DNA Genotek, we can now offer our customers a best-in-class solution for processing Oragene samples including extraction and genotyping from saliva, which is in keeping with the high standards customers expect from BioServe."

"DNA Genotek's Partner Program is designed to facilitate the development of strong collaborations between the customers who use our technologies and our global partners. BioServe Biotechnologies has fully met all the program criteria and has proven expertise in working with our products," said Ian Curry, president and CEO, DNA Genotek, Inc. "We look forward to further developing this relationship with BioServe and providing our customers with another validated option for processing the DNA samples collected with Oragene."

Everyone at DNA Genotek welcomes BioServe to the DNA Genotek Partner Program.