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a blog providing new insights into Microbiome Collection and Stabilization by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Megan McGrath

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How critical is it to stabilize and standardize the microbiome profile?

One of the most critical components of studying the microbiome is ensuring you have a profile that i...
Megan McGrath Feb 15, 2017

Effects of maternal stress on newborn health: An Interview with Dr. Connie Mulligan of the University of Florida

Much research in the microbiome field involves the collection of stool samples from adult population...
Megan McGrath Sep 29, 2016

Castor canadensis : A look at our local Canadian friend’s microbes

Since today is the day we Canadians celebrate all things Canada, we thought we’d take some time betw...
Megan McGrath Jul 01, 2016

Advancing microbiome discoveries: An update on our grant winners

Last year, DNA Genotek launched its first Gut Microbiome Grant program. The program attracted many a...
Megan McGrath May 02, 2016

How does Cincinnati Children’s Hospital use the microbiome to study lupus? A look inside with Diana Taft

We reached out to Diana Taft at Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital Medical Center to talk with her abo...
Megan McGrath Jul 28, 2015

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