The Microbiome Snapshot

a blog providing new insights into Microbiome Collection and Stabilization by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

4 critical considerations for collecting skin microbiome samples

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It keeps our internal organs protected and acts as an interfa...
Heloise Breton, PhD. Aug 06, 2020

Overcoming the challenges of sample collection for COVID-19

“From sample collection through testing, we are working to help in the fight against COVID-19.” – Sc...
Katherine Lawless Jul 29, 2020

Validation of Diversigen's viral metagenomics sequencing and analysis pipeline for SARS-CoV-2 detection

This week we’re bringing you work from our co-workers at Diversigen, a science-driven company that s...
Lisa Gamwell Apr 07, 2020

4 must read microbiome research studies from 2019

There have been a number of interesting microbiome research projects published in the past year. New...
Katherine Lawless Feb 07, 2020

Setting standards in skin microbiome research

Microbiome researchers and clinicians use a variety of different methods when conducting their studi...
Katherine Lawless Nov 14, 2019

Cold chain stool sample collection: A series of unfortunate events (Part 3/3)

Throughout our cold chain stool sample collection series we explored the challenges, high cost, and ...
Jessica Lin Jun 14, 2019

Why is an optimal DNA extraction important for microbial profiling?

One of the many ways to ensure optimal isolation of bacterial DNA from stool samples, is through the...
Fatima Mahmood Feb 12, 2019

Collect and stabilize gut microbiota samples from IBD patients undergoing dysbiosis

In human gut microbiome studies, the logistics of immediately freezing and transporting collected st...
Erin Carpenter Nov 06, 2018

Advances in microbiome discovery, diagnostics and therapeutics: Nature webcast highlights

Those of us following microbiome science know that it is developing extremely fast with tremendous o...
Erin Carpenter Aug 09, 2018

Choosing the best DNA extraction method in human gut microbiome community profiling

A critical component to any human gut microbiome study is the ability to accurately represent the ‘t...
Erin Carpenter Jul 30, 2018

DNA Genotek and the Mosaic Community Challenge: Standards

If you are a frequent reader of The Microbiome Snapshot, you know that research into the human micro...
Aaron Del Duca May 29, 2018

Progressing gut microbiome research in IBD, one sample at a time

Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness week was developed to raise awareness and increase understanding of th...
Seb Deneault Dec 05, 2017

What could you do with 60 days of sample stability?

Collecting fecal samples is not an easy task. Problems can arise during every step of the process, f...
Laura Payne Jul 14, 2016

Standardization is the name of the game

The latest press release from the White House describing the National Microbiome Initiative (NMI) de...
Carlos Merino May 20, 2016

Metanome sequencing services selected by DNA Genotek to validate innovative microbiome collection kit

Improved sample collection delivers higher quality data Metanome, Inc., an industry leader in compre...
Shauna White Mar 05, 2015

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