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Article by: Shauna White

Diversigen and CoreBiome consolidate as one brand


Diversigen and CoreBiome, DNA Genotek's microbiome services sister companies, have combined their offerings under the Diversigen name. The rebrand highlights the combined companies’ unparalleled scientific bench strength, state-of-the-art laboratory, ability to translate data to insights and collective focus on quality and service.

The unified Diversigen operation will continue to offer the science-driven, customized solutions for metagenomics sequencing, bioinformatics, and statistical analysis for the study of the microbiome for which CoreBiome and Diversigen are known. The unification elevates Diversigen as the cornerstone brand for microbiome services in the industry.

The combined organization includes scientific experts representing more than a century of microbiome experience and over 300 articles in respected scientific publications with more than 100,000 citations.

“The new Diversigen brand reflects the combined strength and innovation of these two microbiome service pioneers and positions the OraSure family of companies as an industry leader in this fast-growing industry. Together they will enable us to expand our services as we work to advance global health and bring our customers the tools, services and data-driven insights they need to get reliable, actionable answers to their most critical scientific and healthcare questions,” said Stephen S. Tang, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer, OraSure Technologies, Inc.

All services previously offered under the CoreBiome brand will continue to be available from Diversigen, offering the microbiome market unparalleled choice in sequencing, bioinformatics and analysis services.

The rebrand was implemented after in-depth research, market analysis, and customer conversations. A new Diversigen logo will bring a sharp new visual identity, representing the best of both CoreBiome and Diversigen and characterizes the brand as smart, market-driven, and innovative.

The new Diversigen website is available at If you have any questions about how Diversigen's microbiome services can help with your projects, please contact 

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