The Microbiome Snapshot

a blog providing new insights into Microbiome Collection and Stabilization by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

While social distancing, reaching donors shouldn’t be an issue

Governments and public health experts have advised almost everyone to stay home. The majority of the...
Katherine Lawless Apr 28, 2020

The importance of incorporating metabolomics into your microbiome research

Metabolomics is important in understanding systems biology and clinical research regarding various d...
Heloise Breton, PhD. Apr 21, 2020

Validation of Diversigen's viral metagenomics sequencing and analysis pipeline for SARS-CoV-2 detection

This week we’re bringing you work from our co-workers at Diversigen, a science-driven company that s...
Lisa Gamwell Apr 07, 2020

Fecal sample extraction tips to ensure the best sequencing results

Dr. Carolyn Compton, former director of the OBBR National Cancer Institute, said
Katherine Lawless Mar 27, 2020

Case study: Lactose intolerance related bacteria abundant in women with PCOS

What is polycystic ovary syndrome? Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone disorder common amo...
Katherine Lawless Mar 05, 2020

Industry leaders Diversigen and CoreBiome come together to support microbiome discovery

As the microbiome industry grows and evolves, so has our team of microbiome experts. In 2019, DNA Ge...
Shanda Giacomoni Feb 13, 2020

4 must read microbiome research studies from 2019

There have been a number of interesting microbiome research projects published in the past year. New...
Katherine Lawless Feb 07, 2020

Strategies in microbiome sequencing

Choosing the best sequencing platform for your research There are many ways to profile a microbiome:...
Shanda Giacomoni Jan 16, 2020

Unlocking secrets of the human microbiome from mummified remains

The human body will always have new scientific mysteries to unlock, whether it is the complexity of ...
Katherine Lawless Jan 09, 2020

Standardization in microbiome measurements: considerations from sampling to analysis

UPDATE: On May 12, 2020, CoreBiome rebranded as Diversigen Inc. From sample collection to analysis, ...
Shanda Giacomoni Dec 12, 2019

Setting standards in skin microbiome research

Microbiome researchers and clinicians use a variety of different methods when conducting their studi...
Katherine Lawless Nov 14, 2019

The role of the microbiome in exploring childhood determinants of cardiovascular health

The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study is a prospective longitudinal study initiated in 1980. ...
Shauna White Nov 05, 2019

Is there a new gold-standard for gut microbiome stool collection?

The “gold standard” for gut microbiome studies has traditionally been a fresh stool sample that was ...
Katherine Lawless Oct 16, 2019

PREdiCCt: the largest study on predicting IBD disease flare

This week, I interviewed Dr. Charlie Lees and Lee Murphy, investigators for the PREdiCCt Study (Prog...
Shauna White Sep 17, 2019

The challenges and opportunities of collecting RNA for human microbiome studies

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jean Macklaim, a Bioinformatician at DNA Genotek who has...
Shauna White Sep 09, 2019

Cancer and the gut microbiome: a new research field that could improve cancer treatment

Millions of researchers dedicate their lives to discovering new methods to understand and treat canc...
Katherine Lawless Aug 27, 2019

Canine gut microbiome – An interview with Dr. Kelly Swanson

“The importance of gut microbiome on host health has been known for decades, but traditional methods...
Katherine Lawless Aug 13, 2019

What does our gut microbiome tell us about our level of exercise?

We have always been told that exercise is good for our health. But did you know that physical activi...
Katherine Lawless Jul 11, 2019

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