The Microbiome Snapshot

a blog providing new insights into Microbiome Collection and Stabilization by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

The scoop on poop: How much is enough sample?

Stool collection is a sensitive, but necessary, topic in microbiome studies; as gut microbiome resea...
Charles Harkness Aug 13, 2021

4 critical considerations for collecting skin microbiome samples

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It keeps our internal organs protected and acts as an interfa...
Heloise Breton, PhD. Aug 06, 2020

While social distancing, reaching donors shouldn’t be an issue

Governments and public health experts have advised almost everyone to stay home. The majority of the...
Katherine Lawless Apr 28, 2020

Standardization in microbiome measurements: considerations from sampling to analysis

UPDATE: On May 12, 2020, CoreBiome rebranded as Diversigen Inc. From sample collection to analysis, ...
Shanda Giacomoni Dec 12, 2019

Setting standards in skin microbiome research

Microbiome researchers and clinicians use a variety of different methods when conducting their studi...
Katherine Lawless Nov 14, 2019

Is there a new gold-standard for gut microbiome stool collection?

The “gold standard” for gut microbiome studies has traditionally been a fresh stool sample that was ...
Katherine Lawless Oct 16, 2019

Multiomics experimental design and computational analysis – discussion panel at TMC

At the Translational Microbiome Conference (TMC) in Boston this May, a discussion panel, moderated b...
Katherine Lawless Jun 06, 2019

Enabling big data and good data at the same time: The microbiome challenges CoreBiome was built to solve

UPDATE: On May 12, 2020, CoreBiome rebranded as Diversigen Inc. As a reader of The Microbiome Snapsh...
Shauna White Mar 04, 2019

Choosing the best DNA extraction method in human gut microbiome community profiling

A critical component to any human gut microbiome study is the ability to accurately represent the ‘t...
Erin Carpenter Jul 30, 2018

DNA Genotek and the Mosaic Community Challenge: Standards

If you are a frequent reader of The Microbiome Snapshot, you know that research into the human micro...
Aaron Del Duca May 29, 2018

Standardization is the name of the game

The latest press release from the White House describing the National Microbiome Initiative (NMI) de...
Carlos Merino May 20, 2016

The intricacies of reliable microbiome collection

In our previous blog post, we examined the importance of preserving the microbial profile of fecal s...
Stefanie Bolduc Mar 25, 2015

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