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Article by: Shauna White

A peek inside technical support and customer service at DNA Genotek


DNA Genotek is proud to provide a high level of service and support to our customers. We know that our success as a company is tightly integrated with the success of our customers and we are committed to providing access to a team of skilled scientists and creative resources to optimize genetic projects[1] from sample collection through to downstream processing.

When we asked our customers what they appreciate most about working with DNA Genotek, here’s a sample of the feedback we received:

“Your willingness to help and solve logistic problems as well as to facilitate contacts with other researchers.”

“Great customer service and the ability to get samples to test the different configurations of kits.”

Given these responses, we wanted to take an in-depth look at our customer service and technical support to understand why our customers value it.

For many customers, their first point of contact with us is via our web site or phone, when they have product questions. From the onset, our representatives work closely with our customers to understand each project’s unique sample collection requirements. This helps our customers optimize sample collection, processing and analysis for any project, large or small. During the initial contact, we provide:

  • Needs assessment – advice on which product and/or services best fit the project;
  • Project design – technology and service advice to recommend solutions to maximize donor compliance and ensure  the best possible results are achieved;
  • Workflow integration support – advice on how to get products and samples from one country to another, streamlining laboratory workflow, and determining how to get the best results on downstream processing and analysis.

Our support doesn’t end when customers receive the products and start collecting biological samples. We provide recommendations to ensure your project stays on track including best practices for:

  • integration of our products into your projects;
  • sample preparation that can optimize your results;

We also offer unlimited access to technical support to help troubleshoot and optimize samples from start-to-finish. The technical support team is an integral part of every DNA Genotek product. When you contact DNA Genotek Technical Support, you can be assured your enquiry will be handled quickly and efficiently. We use your comments and the questions you ask to support quality improvements in our products and services, and to generate white papers and application notes to help other customers.

DNA Genotek knows the value of your collected samples and we are always available to ensure our customers achieve the best possible outcomes for their projects. Have you used our technical support or customer service? We’d love to know what you thought. 

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[1] Oragene collection kits are used for a wide variety of genetic research studies worldwide and the Oragene•Dx format has been FDA cleared for in vitro diagnostic use with the eSensor® Warfarin Sensitivity Saliva Test in the United States.

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