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4 ways to improve donor participation and recruitment for DNA sample collections

Not getting the participation numbers you were hoping for your study? Donor recruitment is the most ...
Katherine Lawless Sep 16, 2021

Why collect blood when saliva does the job? 4 examples of why saliva is a better source of DNA for genetic analysis

Blood collection for genomic DNA presents several disadvantages: it is invasive and inconvenient for...
Katherine Lawless Aug 12, 2021

Identifying genes that influence the risk of disease

The risk of developing a life-changing disease is affected by both an individual’s external environm...
Jayden Hess Aug 18, 2020

While social distancing, reaching donors shouldn’t be an issue

Governments and public health experts have advised almost everyone to stay home. The majority of the...
Katherine Lawless Apr 28, 2020

Oh, the places you’ll go…to collect saliva samples

Around the world, genetic research continues to highlight new discoveries. Many of these discoveries...
Katherine Lawless Oct 01, 2019

Do you need an FDA cleared DNA collection device for your laboratory developed genetic test (LDT)?

If you are developing a genetic test that provides diagnostic information as part of a laboratory de...
Kathleen Weber Sep 18, 2019

Saliva as a sample type for genomic applications

This week, I interviewed Scott Rabuka, Director of the Genomics Program at DNA Genotek for our podca...
Shauna White Jun 07, 2019

DNA saliva kits or traditional blood collection: which is more cost effective?

Many researchers have asked the question: can saliva replace blood for DNA collection and analysis? ...
Scott Rabuka May 22, 2019

Genome-wide DNA methylation comparison: Brain tissue vs. blood, saliva and buccal cells

DNA methylation (DNAm) has become increasingly widespread in the study of psychiatric disorders.[1] ...
Katherine Lawless Apr 03, 2019

8 facts most people don’t know about DNA from saliva

Since the launch of this blog, The Genetic Link, in 2009, we have published numerous articles, inter...
Scott Rabuka Feb 01, 2019

Top 5 considerations when selecting a saliva-based DNA collection method

The past decade of genetic advancements has proven DNA from saliva is reliable and effective for bot...
Kerry Chatburn Oct 10, 2018

How to execute large-scale DNA sample collection for genetic research - 10 essential considerations

Genetic epidemiology, the study of how genetics contribute to health and disease in families and pop...
Kerry Chatburn Oct 09, 2018

High quality libraries for human WGS with direct saliva Input

In the open discussion webinar hosted by Frontline Genomics, Joshua Burgess Ph.D., Manager Scientifi...
Erin Carpenter Jul 19, 2018

The key to eliminating bias in genetic studies could be in our spit: expert panel discussion

Are you questioning what sample-type to collect for your genetic research project? Are you consideri...
Erin Carpenter May 16, 2018

Could microRNA from saliva be a predictor of concussion symptoms in children?

The issue of concussions has attracted considerable media coverage in recent years. According to the...
Shauna White Nov 30, 2017

The power of ambient temperature sample shipping and storage

You may be aware that samples collected with DNA Genotek kits and reagents can be shipped and stored...
Devin Hale Oct 14, 2015

Oragene enables a large-scale array-CGH and exome sequencing study

In the summer of 2011 we wrote about an exciting project out of the United Kingdom that selected Ora...
Shauna White Feb 25, 2015

A quick guide to application compatibility for Oragene – PCR to NGS

In a recent article on The Genetic Link, we talked about going global and how our regulatory strateg...
Shauna White Sep 03, 2014

The origin and impact of the DISC1 gene: From schizophrenia to ADHD

While reading a recent publication in the American Journal of Human Genetics Part B entitled DISC1 i...
Lisa Gamwell Dec 10, 2013

The impact of bacterial DNA in saliva on whole genome sequencing

Mike Tayeb is the manager of technical support at DNA Genotek. 
Mike Tayeb Jun 07, 2013
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