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Article by: Shauna White

Clinical Reference Laboratory Enhances Test Menu With Adoption of Oragene•DNA Saliva Collection Kit


This morning, Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) announced that it has completed validation testing of DNA Genotek's Oragene/saliva collection kits and will adopt Oragene for use with its molecular diagnostic services.  

CRL is a CLIA-certified molecular diagnostics services provider based in Lenexa, Kansas offering a wide assortment of molecular diagnostic services including gene expression profiling, microarrays, CNV/SNP typing, pathogen detection, infectious disease testing, pharmacogenetic testing, sample banking, assays for personalized medicine and custom diagnostics. CRL also operates a global clinical trials division.

"Working with DNA Genotek and utilizing its products enhances CRL's menu of high quality molecular services through saliva-based DNA tests", said CRL Executive Director of Molecular Diagnostics, Dr. Heather Newkirk. "Offering services integrating the Oragene product allows us to provide our clients with a state of the art solution for extraction and genotyping DNA from saliva. We are impressed with the quality and quantity of DNA we obtain using Oragene."

"CRL joins a growing list of genomic service providers and technology vendors that have validated Oragene with their products and/or service offerings," said Ian Curry, president and CEO, DNA Genotek, Inc. "Adding CRL to our program gives our customers increased access to an approved service provider that can reliably process samples collected with our products. Our customers can benefit from CRL's offerings for saliva-based DNA extraction, analysis and testing."

Everyone at DNA Genotek welcomes CRL to the DNA Genotek Partner Program.

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