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Article by: Shauna White

State Fair to drive DNA collection for children's study


If you’re a regular reader of The Genetic Link, you’re familiar with our on-site DNA collections at events like Spit for the Cure, the National Epilepsy Walk, championship dog shows, international music festivals and more. Oragene is ideal for collecting at both indoor and outdoor events because it is non-invasive, stable at ambient temperature and easy to use by anyone.

Each event-based collection is unique in that it targets different donor profiles and has significantly different recruitment goals. They do have one thing in common – each has been very successful. We’re proud that our product allows researchers and clinicians to conduct event-based collections to boost their recruitment numbers much more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

We continue to be amazed at how creative our customers are when it comes to reaching their recruitment goals. I have one more such event to tell you about.

At the end of this month, genetic researchers at the University of Minnesota (department of pediatrics) will be collecting DNA samples at the Minnesota State Fair which runs from August 26-September 1 in St. Paul, MN. The researchers will be using the newest product in the Oragene family. The Oragene Assisted Collection Kit (OG-575 or OGR-575) is designed to collect DNA from saliva using absorbent sponges. It is intended for use with donors that cannot or choose not to comply with blood collections and is ideal for children or others who are unable to spit. The research team is hoping to recruit 500 children and their parents to answer health questions, agree to height, weight and blood pressure measurements and provide DNA samples.

Oragene DNA assisted collection

The project is part of the “Gopher Kids” study which aims to learn more about what genes are involved in making a child grow and develop normally. This includes mapping the genetic makeup of normal, healthy children in hopes of identifying the genetic defects that predict chronic diseases and other health problems.

The fair is a testing ground for the researchers. The research team knows it can be difficult to find 500 children to participate in research and they view the State Fair as an exciting opportunity to help them reach their goals. With more than 1.7 million visitors, they stand a very good chance of meeting their objectives and these venues are always enticing for children.

We wish the University of Minnesota research team the best of luck with their involvement at the State Fair and we look forward to hearing about their experience. We hope to share the results of this unique event with you in a future article here on The Genetic Link.

Have you collected DNA at an event? Are you considering event-based collections to help meet your recruitment goals? 

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