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Article by: Shauna White

Oragene•DNA Selected by Genomind for Personalized Medicine Test


Today,  DNA Genotek announced that our Oragene•DNA product has been selected by Genomind, LLC as the sample collection kit for the Genecept Mood™ Assay, a saliva-based psychiatric genetic test. The Genecept Mood™ Assay is a highly specialized personalized medicine genetic test that is designed to assist clinicians in determining if a patient has a specific genetic polymorphism that may be associated with a psychiatric condition. The test provides the clinician with information on specific patient genotypes. Such information may enable the physician to be more selective regarding medication choice and lessen the experimentation and guesswork often associated with determining appropriate medication.

Less evidence exists to guide treatment decisions in psychiatry than almost any other area of medicine. Because there are no current clinical biomarker tools to guide treatment, a trial and error approach is prevalent. The Genecept Mood™ Assay is prescribed by physicians and available online at In order to complete the test, the patient provides a small saliva sample using the Oragene sample collection device, which is then mailed to Genomind’s lab for genetic analysis. Within 3-5 business days, a report is provided to the physician through a secure website portal. The report contains easy to understand test results and corresponding interpretation.

Oragene is ideal for this type of genetic testing as it addresses sample collection challenges inherent with traditional collection methods such as blood draws or buccal swabs. Traditional methods are often too costly and invasive, or may not reliably provide enough high-quality DNA to enable the determination of a tailored approach to treatment of disease.

“Genomind was formed to facilitate the adoption of personalized medicine into psychiatry. One of the challenges for us was to make a test for behavioral health that is non-invasive and easily accessible to clinicians, patients and our lab”, said Ronald I. Dozoretz, MD, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Genomind. “The ease-of-use and high yield results of Oragene, combined with its outstanding reputation for quality made it the natural choice for the Genecept Mood™ Assay test.”

"Genomind’s selection of the Oragene product is another exciting validation of our work to deliver high-quality, non-invasive sample collection devices for personalized medicine applications such as behavioral health”, said Ian Curry, president and CEO, DNA Genotek Inc.“

We are very proud to work with Genomind on this personalized application.

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