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Article by: Shauna White

Oragene•DNA to Simplify DNA Collection for Genetic Study into ADHD


ADHD, substance abuse, DNA collection

This week, we were pleased to announce that our Oragene•DNA product was selected to collect DNA from saliva for the International Collaboration on ADHD and Substance Abuse (ICASA) study researching the prevalence of ADHD in Substance Use Disorders.

The study investigates the following in 8 European countries, the United States, and Australia:

  • the prevalence rates of ADHD in treatment-seeking patients with Substance Use Disorders (SUD);
  • the differences and similarities between countries and between different substances and treatment settings;
  • the course and development of SUD in patients with and without ADHD; and,
  • the validity of screening and diagnostic procedures for ADHD in this population.

Sample collection will cease in June 2011 and the first results are expected in 2012.

In order to investigate a genetic basis of vulnerability in ADHD patients for development of Substance Use Disorders, the ICASA foundation is currently working on developing a research protocol and on finalizing the necessary resources for this very important study. Over 5,000 treatment-seeking SUD patients will be asked to provide a saliva sample with Oragene•DNA.

“DNA Genotek is pleased that our Oragene•DNA product has been chosen by ICASA for this important study,” said Ian Curry, president and CEO, DNA Genotek Inc. “One of our company’s primary objectives is to deliver high-quality sample collection products to enable our customers to focus on the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease. This study will help researchers understand the impact that genetics has on ADHD and SUD, hopefully leading to effective target detection and treatment.”

“The selection of the Oragene•DNA product for the genetic component of our study was based on the critical need for easy collection of high quality DNA samples,” said Geurt van de Glind, director of the ICASA Foundation. “We are collecting DNA samples from patients at 13 centres throughout Europe, the USA and Australia. In this population of treatment-seeking SUD patients, collecting saliva is far more feasible than obtaining blood samples and we expect the Oragene sample kits will prove beneficial as we strive to determine if there are specific genes responsible for developing SUD when ADHD is present.”

We're pleased that our product will help ICASA collect the samples they need for this important study. 

Note: Oragene•DNA is not available for sale in the United States. Click here to see our research use only products for the United States.
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