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Article by: Shauna White

Our DNA and the food we eat


Each day, people are bombarded with messages on what they should and should not eat. Headlines say caffeine is harmful, eggs have too much cholesterol, red wine is healthy only to have a new article a few months later tell the opposite story. It’s no wonder consumers are skeptical about the information that’s published on which foods are good and which are not. However, all of this mystery is changing because of a new, Canadian biotechnology company.

On June 14, a genetic test from a University of Toronto spin-off, Nutrigenomix was made available to dieticians across Canada.  Why does this matter? Because research shows that genetic test results are more motivating than general nutrition advice in changing behaviour.

The simple Nutrigenomix test requires only a DNA saliva sample (collected with Oragene) and it evaluates 7 different genetic variants that affect how a persons’ body uses or processes 7 different nutrients including:

      • Vitamin C
      • While grains
      • Folate
      • Omega 3 fat
      • Saturated fat
      • Sodium
      • Caffeine

Nutrigenomix’s genetic test is offered exclusively to registered dietitians, since they are the most knowledgeable practitioners to deliver reliable nutrition advice. The test provides a highly individualized assessment that the dietitian can use to fine tune recommendations for healthy eating. Based on the results, a dietitian can guide the client to eat more – or less – of certain foods in order to decrease their risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and other related health conditions. Nutrigenomix believes that the one size fits all approach to nutritional counseling is not useful for every person. There are even some private health plans that now cover the cost of the dietitian or the Nutrigenomix test itself, making it accessible to more people.

Nutrigenomix is breaking ground with this new genetic test offering and creating a new category called personalized nutrition. For more information or for a list of dietitians offering the Nutrigenomix test, visit We wish them great success with this innovative new product.

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