Video protocol for prepIT•L2P sample preparation kit now available

We are so pleased to let you know that we have released our first video protocol for the extraction of DNA from the Oragene and ORAcollect families of collection kits. We know how much our customers rely on our written protocols for the purification of DNA from saliva with our products, so we wanted to offer you an additional tool as you begin processing your samples. This first video is for the DNA Genotek protocol titled Laboratory protocol for manual purification of DNA from 0.5mL of sample (protocol # PD-PR-006). This is our most popular protocol so we decided to make this one available in video format first.  

The video demonstrates the steps required for the purification of genomic DNA from saliva and oral samples collected using the Oragene and ORAcollect families of collection kits. It follows the step-by-step procedures required to purify DNA from a 500 µL aliquot of sample. The video is approximately 6 minutes in length and addresses the equipment and reagents required, the procedure (including detailed purification steps) and the options for storage of the extracted DNA.

This protocol video joins our existing DNA collection instruction videos which have had thousands of views on our web site. Customer demand for video-based protocols is growing and our marketing team is happy to produce these as a quick, easy way to share important information.

Tell us what you think of our first protocol video by leaving a comment below. What protocol would you like to see on video next? We’d love your input.