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Article by: Arya Mehta

Celebrating women across our organization


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On International Women’s Day, we celebrate all women in science and health. The OraSure family of companies, including Diversigen, DNA Genotek, and Novosanis, are proud to include a diverse, and international team of women, across various roles and divisions.

For this years' blog, we honor all the women in our organization. On this occasion, we want to share the story of five women on our team.

• Camila Bahamon - Demand Generation Specialist
• Danielle Demers - Business Development Manager
• Sabrina Fang - Account Manager
• Jhana Hendrickx - Senior Scientific & Clinical Affairs Specialist
• Neha Kasana - Product Manager, Viral Screening & Surveillance

While all these women have unique experiences, roles, and are at different stages of their professional journeys, they share one theme in common - they are all proud to be called

Read more about their experiences and what brought them to the world of science in the interview below.

Tell us your story –

What motivated you to enter the world of science?
In this question, the interviewees highlight what brought them to where they are today. Education, experience, and putting these learnings into practice are some of the themes that emerge through the answers.

  • Camila: "I was motivated by the company's vision and the purpose of the end products. I feel very fortunate to be working in a company that contributes to health outcomes and supports projects that achieve breakthroughs in research by translating their testing into worldwide health improvements."

  • Danielle: "Like most people in science, my path was not linear! I started out as a marine biologist, became a chemist, and now work in the world of microbiomes. Behind it all though was a constant desire to improve our planet and our experience as humans on it."

  • Jhana: "During high school, I developed an interest in genetics and sought to further explore this field through a University Master’s degree in Bioscience-engineering. Once I graduated as a fullyfledged Bioengineer with a specialization in cell and gene biotechnology, science kept intriguing me and led me to pursue a PhD in Biomedical sciences. With a backpack full of scientific experience from academia, I feel ready to translate basic and clinical science into hands-on and innovative disease solutions."

  • Neha: "Education and internship experiences played a big role as well as the opportunity to challenge myself intellectually.

" What excites you most about your work?

In this question, the interviewees highlight what they enjoy most about their role. Connecting with leaders in the field, working alongside an established team, and contributing to healthcare

are some of the themes that emerge through the answers.

  • Camila: "I enjoy putting together media plans and advertising opportunities to help our company distribute the message through different channels and sharing what we do, as well as details on how our product offering is designed to help the scientific community achieve important health discoveries. Also, I have the pleasure of working with brilliant and talented people who have taught me a lot about this field. I've seen myself grow professionally and personally in the past two years, and that motivates me every day."
  • Danielle: "I genuinely learn something new every single day."
  • Sabrina: "The opportunity to connect and provide solutions to scientists around the globe who could enhance their research and expand clinical practice through using our products."
  • Jhana: "Meeting and engaging with people from academia, industry and healthcare to discuss possible joint collaborations. It is very nice to see the fruits of these collaborations ripen for the benefit of further innovations."
  • Neha: "Knowing that my work is enabling easier and accessible diagnostic testing for people around the world excites me the most. It’s the collective purpose of the teams which makes this job really exciting and fulfilling."

In most places, women are still underrepresented in the field of science, technology,

engineering and mathematics (STEM). Any message you would give to young girls to inspire

them to pursue STEM?

In this question, the interviewees share advice to young girl scientists. Not giving up on yourself, following your passion, and finding role models in the field are some of the themes that emerge through the answers.

  • Camila: "Always trust yourself, have clear professional goals and be disciplined. Pursue your goals with patience and always be humble. There are a lot of things you will learn in the process."
  • Danielle: " The best advice I can give is to not give up on things that challenge you. We don’t treat STEM the same way we treat sports; with a message of “if you like it, practice at it, and you’ll get better”. But it’s the same thing; I needed tutoring every morning before school to pass my high school chemistry class, and later in life, I got a PhD in chemistry. Girls, if you’re interested in STEM, keep practicing it! You’ve got this!."
  • Sabrina: "It is never too late to start something you are truly enthusiastic about!"
  • Jhana: "Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. The road to success involves trial and error, but don't underestimate what you can accomplish with your passion. It will be worth the trip."
  • Neha: “I would recommend finding successful female role models in STEM, engaging with them and believing “if they can do it, I can do it”.

Watch the video for the highlights


We are proud to create a space within the OraSure family of companies that encourages

women to pursue their goals. We continue to encourage girls and women to be part of the

exciting world of science.


Happy International Women's Day!



Arya Mehta
Arya Mehta
Infectious Disease Content Specialist

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