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Article by: Brian Smith

Customer feedback means action


It is a new year and we are excited to share what changes we made as a result of your feedback in 2015. Your suggestions kept us busy, so let us take a few moments to present several highlights.

First of all, let me say THANK YOU for your outstanding support and input. As it turns out, 93% of you provided a rating of 8, 9, or 10 indicating that you would refer us to a colleague. We truly appreciate your loyalty and as such our first highlight looks at our dedication to quality with our new “Promise of Excellence”.

Commitment to quality

  • Our satisfaction promise means that purchasing from DNA Genotek is risk-free. With our Promise of Excellence, we guarantee the performance of our products as described in their accompanying documentation. Should any product fail to perform satisfactorily for any reason other than misuse, DNA Genotek will replace it free of charge or refund the purchase price.
  • Quality is important to us and that’s why we continue to grow our global quality certifications, recently adding ISO 9001 to the list. What this means is that our focus continues to be on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Product upgrades

In response to your feedback, we have made a few product modifications. For the Oragene® 500 series product line, we aligned the date format with international standards, grew the label whitespace panel and repositioned label content to create additional writable whitespace.


We are committed to customer service and we appreciate that you notice. After looking over your feedback we identified a couple of areas for us to increase the service level, adding value for our customers.

  • We expanded our services support team by adding additional biostatisticians and collaborating with Dr. Dan Knights, PhD, as a scientific advisor to augment our microbiome expertise. We also broadened our services menu to include next generation, whole genome, whole exome and gut microbiome sequencing.
  • Have you heard about our “Helping Hands” program? Our Helping Hands program is designed to assist organizations that are innovators in disease research, disease prevention and treatment. We support programs that have a long-term impact on significant numbers of people, and cover a diverse range of health issues. The goal of the program is to help accelerate research leading to world-wide health improvements. We provide support in terms of collection kits, event support and marketing expertise to assist you in achieving your recruitment goals.

Added value

Many of you have told us about tight funding environments, so in addition to the grant programs we offer throughout the year, we introduced the following programs to help you achieve more with your grant dollars:

  • The Molecular Club Points Program for academic researchers. The Molecular Club is part of our customer appreciation initiatives where you can earn points to redeem for kits*. We are currently working on a program for those academic customers who do not qualify under this program, due to geographic restrictions. We will provide more information on that in our next customer feedback article. *some conditions apply
  • Science education program geared towards helping students learn more about DNA collection and purification. We offer up to 50 sample collection kits at no charge to classrooms in accredited high schools, colleges and universities to be used for teaching purposes.

Through your feedback, you help us understand what is important to you, ultimately making it important to us. Thank you for your suggestions and ongoing support.

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