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Article by: Ian Curry

Customer updates - survey says?


Once again, it is time for our Customer Satisfaction Survey blog updates. To quickly recap, if you are new to our Customer Satisfaction Surveys, we send very brief post-purchase surveys (3 questions) to capture your suggestions and overall experience with us. Through this blog, we then share updates on actions we are taking based on your feedback. To read the previous related blog articles, use these links: (Customer feedback- are we listening? And DNA Genotek’s latest changes based on your feedback)

We are very excited with your responses to our last survey, so I will start with how you rated us based on the likelihood you would refer us to a peer (10 being most likely). Those of you who gave a rating of 8, 9, or 10 represent 92% of all responders. This type of supportive feedback truly means a lot to me and to each and every one of us at DNA Genotek - THANK YOU.

We are grateful to earn your trust and confidence, so please know that when you refer us to one of your peers, they will receive the same dedication and respect that you have come to expect from us.

One of the things we really like about your comments is that they inspire us to examine new ideas and solutions. Here are a few things we’ve been working on based on your feedback.

  • we-are-hereLiveChat: As mentioned in our last Customer Satisfaction Survey results blog, we launched a trial of live chat on our website as a further way to offer support and we are happy to announce it is a huge success. Feedback has been extremely positive and our moderators are kept very busy. LiveChat is here to stay during our regular business hour.
  • Microbiome collection products and metagenomic services: We noticed through your comments and through working with our customers that many of you collect multiple sample types and are looking for an easy-to-use method to collect feces for microbiome profiling. We worked closely with customers and thought leaders in microbiome to help us understand requirements and develop a solution for this challenging sample type. After years of research and development, we launched OMNIgene·GUT for easy self-collection and stabilization of microbial DNA from feces.  Samples collected with OMNIgene·GUT are stable at ambient temperature which enables shipping samples via the standard postal system and eliminates the challenge of complicated transport of samples on ice.

But we did not stop there... We took it much further to expand our services offering to include microbiome extraction and analysis. Through our sister company Diversigen, we offer a full suite of services and provide superior support, analysis and reporting for all your genomics and metagenomics needs.

  • Smaller bio-hazard bag: Some of you requested smaller biohazard bags, so we are adding a new size of biohazard bag to give you more options. The smaller bag facilitates shipping and provides an extra layer of usability to ensure that all donors remove the funnel prior to shipping their sample back to the lab. 
  • Inventory and Shipping commitments: To address the growing demand for our products and to ensure we can get kits to you as soon as you need them, we have implemented some operational changes. Our experts analyzed data to identify process improvements to better meet your shipping turnaround requests. In addition to adding distributors and brokers to facilitate international shipping, we increased our production capacity, inventory levels and resources to allow us to commit to next-day shipping. We know time and responsiveness is important to you and we have made changes to meet your needs.

Coming soon

Storage boxes: Over time, we have been asked if we offer storage racks for our collection tubes. After looking into several options, we found an optimal storage solution. Each box holds 36 tubes and is light weight and stackable.

Here’s a little something extra we like to do for you:

Grant program: We want to do our part to give back to our community of supporters, so we offered a grant program to help achieve this goal. The Gut Microbiome Grant Program was designed to reward scientists who are striving to accelerate the advancement of microbiome research. We recently selected the winners of the Grant Program. The successful proposals were selected based on their impact on developing understanding of how the gut microbiome contributes to health and disease.  The names of the winners of the Grant Program, which closed in April, are available on our website here. Due to its overwhelming popularity, we expect to implement another Grant Program offering later this year or early in 2016.

If you have something to share with us, whether it is a new feature request, a suggestion for improvement, or just to tell us you are satisfied, please be sure to complete our brief 3-question Customer Satisfaction Survey when it arrives in your inbox next week. Every response is carefully reviewed and we love hearing from you.

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