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How to choose the right platform for high-throughput DNA extraction

Posted by Krystin Colley on Wed, Sep 26, 2012 @ 14:09 PM

We recently published an article highlighting how to choose the best method for low-throughput DNA extraction for Oragene samples. Today, we examine various options for high-throughput DNA extraction. High-throughput DNA extraction uses an automated, robotic system to provide researchers and clinicians with high quality genomic DNA. The main advantages of this method are less hands-on time, higher consistency and reduced probability for manual errors. High-throughput extraction is generally preferred when there are a large number of samples to be processed, however whether processing a small or a very large number of samples, automation is a great way to gain efficiencies and consistency in results.

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Tags: DNA from saliva, DNA purification, DNA extraction, DNA preparation

How to choose the best method for low-throughput DNA extraction

Posted by Krystin Colley on Tue, Aug 07, 2012 @ 11:08 AM

DNA is extracted from human saliva for a variety of reasons including molecular or forensic analysis. There are many benefits associated with collecting DNA from saliva with Oragene® kits such as non-invasive collection, high quality DNA and long-term storage at ambient temperatures. Once collection of the samples is complete, DNA extraction becomes a key stage in the processing of samples within most genomic laboratories. Challenges with DNA extraction can have an impact on downstream assay performance and even if you’re not having challenges, it’s always nice to find some information that might improve your technique. In this article, we focus on low-throughput DNA extraction methods from samples collected with Oragene. Low-throughput processing typically refers to manual processing of samples although there are also several automated platforms that process small batches of samples.

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Tags: DNA saliva, DNA extraction, purification of DNA

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