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Welcome to The Genetic Link, a blog providing new insights into DNA and RNA sample collection by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Ian Curry

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DNA Genotek’s top 10 list for 2015

Wow, what an interesting year 2015 has turned out to be. As it comes to a close, I find myself think...
Ian Curry Jan 12, 2016

Customer updates - survey says?

Once again, it is time for our Customer Satisfaction Survey blog updates. To quickly recap, if you a...
Ian Curry Jun 22, 2015

DNA Genotek's latest changes based on your feedback

Several months ago, I posted a blog highlighting how feedback from customers plays a key role in hel...
Ian Curry Dec 15, 2014

DNA Genotek’s top 10 list for 2013

Once again, it is time for my annual review of DNA Genotek’s year and to highlight the top 10 items ...
Ian Curry Jan 28, 2014

DNA Genotek’s Top 10 List for 2012

Each year I look forward to the task of reflecting on the year gone by and coming up with a top 10 l...
Ian Curry Jan 08, 2013

Oragene•DNA is now Oragene•DISCOVER for US research customers

We would like to introduce you to Oragene•DISCOVER, a new brand for our research customers within th...
Ian Curry Feb 14, 2012

DNA Genotek’s top ten list for 2011

It’s that time of year again when I reflect on the past year and highlight DNA Genotek’s top ten lis...
Ian Curry Jan 06, 2012

Letter to DNA Genotek customers re: acquisition by OraSure Technologies

As a valued customer of DNA Genotek, I wanted to share some exciting news with you. On July 26, 2011...
Ian Curry Jul 26, 2011

DNA Genotek’s Top 10 List for 2010

As I sat down to write this second edition of DNA Genotek’s Top 10 List, I spent a lot time reflecti...
Ian Curry Jan 03, 2011

DNA Genotek Launches New Science Education Program for DNA Day

DNA Day commemorates the successful completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery...
Ian Curry Apr 22, 2010

Oragene●DNA Wins Prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award

Today, DNA Genotek announced that our Oragene•DNA self collection kit (OG-500), has been selected as...
Ian Curry Apr 08, 2010

DNA Genotek's Top 10 List for 2009

I have to admit, coming up with DNA Genotek's "Top 10 list for 2009" was more difficult than I imagi...
Ian Curry Jan 04, 2010

Welcome to The Genetic Link

Since the inception of DNA Genotek, we have been driven to enable significant worldwide health impro...
Ian Curry Dec 08, 2009

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