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Welcome to The Genetic Link, a blog providing new insights into DNA and RNA sample collection by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Oragene is a reliable source of DNA for next generation sequencing

This week, at Genomics Disorders 2011 in Cambridge, UK, DNA Genotek presented a poster reflecting ne...
Rafal Iwasiow Mar 28, 2011

Oragene•RNA measures variability in gene expression for VITO

This morning, DNA Genotek announced an exciting piece of news. Our Oragene•RNA kit has been selected...
Shauna White Feb 14, 2011

DNA saliva samples for SNP and CNV analysis on microarrays

For any type of genetic analysis (e.g. population studies, clinical genetic testing, paternity testi...
Rafal Iwasiow Oct 05, 2010

Generation Scotland overcomes recruitment challenge with Oragene•DNA

At DNA Genotek, we recently learned the details of study being conducted by Generation Scotland call...
Shauna White Aug 31, 2010

Epigenetic change and gene inactivation demonstrated in the saliva of a cancer patient carrying an “epimutation of MLH1”.

The Genetic Link welcomes guest blog authors. This guest submission is from Megan P. Hitchins, PhD. ...

Storage of Purified DNA from Oragene•DNA Samples

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about best practices for long term storage of unpurified Oragen...
Scott Rabuka Jun 29, 2010

Best Practices for Long-term Storage of Oragene•DNA Samples

Oragene is well known for a number of characteristics - ease of use, non-invasive collection, high q...
Scott Rabuka May 25, 2010

Rinse, Swab or Spit -- What's the real source of DNA in saliva?

Saliva is one of the most accessible of our body's bio-fluids making saliva sample collection easy a...
Brian Smith Mar 31, 2010

7 Simple Steps to Maximize DNA Yield with Oragene•DNA

At DNA Genotek, we understand the importance of high quality DNA samples to support our customers' r...
Scott Rabuka Feb 19, 2010

Hunting for Cancer Genes with DNA from Saliva

Every day, it seems, scientists learn something new about how our genes work. One fascinating area o...
Shauna White Feb 09, 2010

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