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Katherine Lawless

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DNA methylation with saliva: A strong predictor of major depressive disorder

Major depressive disorder (MDD) affects more than 300 million people globally, is the leading cause ...
Katherine Lawless Dec 16, 2019

Oh, the places you’ll go…to collect saliva samples

Around the world, genetic research continues to highlight new discoveries. Many of these discoveries...
Katherine Lawless Oct 01, 2019

The Mito-FIND project: Unlocking the secrets to mitochondrial disease with DNA from saliva

“Mitochondria are essential for life. Mitochondrial diseases interfere with the body’s ability to ma...
Katherine Lawless Aug 16, 2019

Is genetic testing with saliva the best method for risk-based breast cancer screening?

For decades, breast cancer prevention programs followed the traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach...
Katherine Lawless Aug 07, 2019

Air pollution and cognitive dysfunction: uncovering the TRAP

When you are on your morning commute to work, whether you drive or ride the bus, you might not reali...
Katherine Lawless Jul 12, 2019

Is the speed gene the key to athletic performance? The answer is only a spit away

It is widely accepted that genetic factors are strongly linked with athletic performance.[1] After r...
Katherine Lawless Jun 19, 2019

Vitamin D deficiency: the new link to type 2 diabetes mellitus in United Arab Emirates

“Diabetes is the fastest growing debilitating disease in the world”. - Dr. Al-Anouti and Dr. Al-Safa...
Katherine Lawless Apr 11, 2019

Genome-wide DNA methylation comparison: Brain tissue vs. blood, saliva and buccal cells

DNA methylation (DNAm) has become increasingly widespread in the study of psychiatric disorders.[1] ...
Katherine Lawless Apr 03, 2019

Celebrating influential women in genetics - International women's day

Throughout history, women have influenced and shaped our views and knowledge of science from all dis...
Katherine Lawless Mar 08, 2019

Is whole genome sequencing the new first-line test for children with genetic diseases?

Congenital anomalies and genetic disorders are the leading cause of death in children less than ten ...
Katherine Lawless Feb 19, 2019

Oral swabs for pharmacogenomics: A comparative study of DNA quality and performance

Pharmacogenomics is a growing field that tailors dosage and drug choices based on patient genetic pr...
Katherine Lawless Feb 05, 2019

3 trends within high-impact genomics you may not know about

Our knowledge of science is constantly changing and improving as new discoveries drive us forward in...
Katherine Lawless Nov 28, 2018

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