The Microbiome Snapshot

a blog providing new insights into Microbiome Collection and Stabilization by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

A discussion of challenges and solutions for global shortages of materials for COVID-19 testing

The world is talking about the coronavirus pandemic and global health crisis we find ourselves livin...
Katherine Lawless Oct 27, 2020

Is there a new gold-standard for gut microbiome stool collection?

The “gold standard” for gut microbiome studies has traditionally been a fresh stool sample that was ...
Katherine Lawless Oct 16, 2019

PREdiCCt: the largest study on predicting IBD disease flare

This week, I interviewed Dr. Charlie Lees and Lee Murphy, investigators for the PREdiCCt Study (Prog...
Shauna White Sep 17, 2019

Cold chain stool sample collection: A series of unfortunate events (Part 3/3)

Throughout our cold chain stool sample collection series we explored the challenges, high cost, and ...
Jessica Lin Jun 14, 2019

Sequencing the microbiome: Are you getting the full story?

Evolution of sequencing technology Since the human genome was sequenced and famously published in Na...
Seb Deneault May 30, 2019

Cold chain stool sample collection: A series of unfortunate events (part 2/3)

Most people consider the nature of collecting fecal samples unpleasant and inconvenient. One of the ...
Zara Jennings May 01, 2019

Cold chain stool sample collection: a series of unfortunate events (Part 1/3)

In this first of a three-part blog series, I am delving into the topic of cold-chain stool collectio...
Ali Acar Apr 09, 2019

Choosing the best DNA extraction method in human gut microbiome community profiling

A critical component to any human gut microbiome study is the ability to accurately represent the ‘t...
Erin Carpenter Jul 30, 2018

The importance of quality pre-analytical factors and their impact on microbiome analysis

Since the completion of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), the number of microbiome focused researc...
Lisa Gamwell Aug 15, 2016

Microbiome learnings from the Weizmann Institute

Update: Since this interview with the Weizmann Institute, the results of the Personalized Nutrition ...
Cindy MacCullough May 26, 2015

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