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Welcome to The Genetic Link, a blog providing new insights into DNA and RNA sample collection by DNA Genotek. DNA Genotek is a subsidiary of OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Shauna White

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Using genetics to understand neurodevelopmental & psychiatric disorders

Over the past few months, we’ve been posting a series of blog articles on the topic of genetics and ...
Shauna White Feb 11, 2014

Using NGS and DNA from saliva to find needles in haystacks

We always enjoy hearing about how our customers are using our products for innovative projects. Rece...
Shauna White Jan 14, 2014

A peek inside technical support and customer service at DNA Genotek

DNA Genotek is proud to provide a high level of service and support to our customers. We know that o...
Shauna White Jan 08, 2014

Saliva DNA plays vital role in international clinical research studies run from Australia

Dr. Janet Coller, Lecturer at the University of Adelaide, has an established track record in Pharmac...
Shauna White Oct 03, 2013

A peek into what quality really means to DNA Genotek

You’ve heard us say that our commitment to quality spans all aspects of our internal procedures from...
Shauna White Sep 25, 2013

Telomeres & neighborhoods: the impact on children’s long term health

Telomeres are an emerging area of genetic research with many new studies being published that highli...
Shauna White Jul 16, 2013

Spit for Africa program facilitates population-based genetic studies

We are very excited to tell you about a new initiative we announced today as part of the DNA Genotek...
Shauna White May 16, 2013

Saliva DNA enables pharmacogenetic testing for psychiatric medication

Through their participation in the IMPACT research study (Individualized Medicine: Pharmacogenetic A...
Shauna White Mar 26, 2013

Saliva DNA helps cancer research project meet recruitment goals

Cancer affects everyone in some way. In Alberta, Canada, 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer...
Shauna White Feb 26, 2013

HLA typing in Israel with Oragene and ORAcollect

Approximately 30 years ago, the Tissue Typing Laboratory at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel was c...
Shauna White Jan 29, 2013

25,000 DNA saliva samples for Spit for the Cure (and counting)

If you’ve followed DNA Genotek for a few years or if you have ever been to one of our seminar presen...
Shauna White Oct 26, 2012

[INFOGRAPHIC] DNA from saliva vs blood – who wins the cost battle?

Introducing DNA Genotek’s first visual adventure – a fun trip through the blood vs saliva cost journ...
Shauna White Sep 12, 2012

DNA Genotek Is Awarded Key Patent for Oral Sample System

We are excited to announce today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a key ...
Shauna White Jul 20, 2012

Video protocol for prepIT•L2P sample preparation kit now available

We are so pleased to let you know that we have released our first video protocol for the extraction ...
Shauna White Jul 10, 2012

Saliva samples as a source of DNA for high throughput genotyping

The BMC Medical Genomics Journal recently published the results of a study titled “Saliva samples ar...
Shauna White Jul 03, 2012

Our DNA and the food we eat

Each day, people are bombarded with messages on what they should and should not eat. Headlines say c...
Shauna White Jun 27, 2012

Music festival attracts new donors to HLA registry with saliva DNA

For the second time, DNA Genotek will be working with Anthony Nolan, the charity which runs the UK’s...
Shauna White Jun 20, 2012

Solving genetic mysteries with DNA from saliva

Dr. Hugh Rienhoff is well known as a technology visionary, entrepreneur, and venture investor in lif...
Shauna White May 31, 2012

DNA from saliva boosts biobank numbers

One of the biggest challenges in epidemiological research is study size - studies of very large grou...
Shauna White May 29, 2012

Supercentenarians’ DNA keeps the grim reaper at bay

The remarkable growth in the number of centenarians (people aged ≥ 100) has garnered significant att...
Shauna White May 02, 2012

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