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Saliva as a sample type for genomic applications

DNA saliva kits or traditional blood collection: which is more cost effective?

Urine as a liquid biopsy for cancer detection ā€“ Could yellow be the new red?

Vitamin D deficiency: the new link to type 2 diabetes mellitus in United Arab Emirates

Genome-wide DNA methylation comparison: Brain tissue vs. blood, saliva and buccal cells

Considering adding microbiome to your research? Thoughts from Dr. Dan Knights

Celebrating influential women in genetics - International women's day

Is whole genome sequencing the new first-line test for children with genetic diseases?

Oral swabs for pharmacogenomics: A comparative study of DNA quality and performance

8 facts most people donā€™t know about DNA from saliva

DNA Genotekā€™s top 10 list for 2018

Exciting discoveries from Spit for Science & a sneak-peak at Spit for Science II

Reproductive health and genetic testing: What sample types work best?

3 trends within high-impact genomics you may not know about

Science and Social Media: Harnessing the power of global conversation

Top 5 considerations when selecting a saliva-based DNA collection method

How to execute large-scale DNA sample collection for genetic research - 10 essential considerations

The top ten most studied human genes of all time

Q&A with Latin American personalized genetics company: Genomit SA (Zoigen)

High quality libraries for human WGS with direct saliva Input

Comparing minimally invasive sample collection techniques for large population-based telomere length studies

Obesity, Hypertension and Cardiovascular Risk in Italian Youth

The key to eliminating bias in genetic studies could be in our spit: expert panel discusson

6 innovations that can improve human health (part 2 of 2)

6 genetic innovations that can improve human health (part 1 of 2)

In Celebration of International Womenā€™s Day: 8 Inspirational Female Scientists

Atlas Biomed: tackling personalized wellness with both genomics and microbiome

DNA Genotekā€™s top 10 list for 2017

Could microRNA from saliva be a predictor of concussion symptoms in children?

Discovering the genetics behind Ebola viral disease resistance

TISMOO: Ground-breaking science for personalized medicine

Losing weight ā€“ do your genes play a role?

The SPARK project ā€“ Fueling the fire on autism research

23andMe - 10 years and over 2 million DNA saliva samples collected with Oragene

Does marital disruption accelerate aging? An investigation into salivary telomere length, stress, and aging

10 must-ask questions to help personal genomics companies get ahead

DNA Genotekā€™s top 10 list for 2016

Patients, doctors and scientists collaborate on genetic research study for metastatic breast cancer

Spoiler for ASHG 2016

Community pharmacists play a leading role in precision medicine research project

DNA from saliva helps identify remains of ancient king

Customer feedback means action

DNA Genotekā€™s top 10 list for 2015

DNA Genotek Inc. Appoints Microbiome Data Scientist as Advisor

The power of ambient temperature sample shipping and storage

Customer updates - survey says?

Interview with Richard Lumb, Founder and CEO of Front Line Genomics

All about that base: applications of the fifth base of DNA

How and why to integrate the microbiome into your research

Stabilize your sample: A ā€œright from the startā€ Q&A

Oragene enables a large-scale array-CGH and exome sequencing study

How critical is it to stabilize & standardize the microbiome profile?

Do you know the biggest challenge in genetics?

DNA Genotek Helping Hands Program supports rare disease research

DNA Genotek's latest changes based on your feedback

Oragene/saliva samples bring ancestral genetic knowledge to public

The Future of Genomics in Mexico ā€“ an interview with Dr. Gerardo Jimenez-Sanchez

A quick guide to application compatibility for Oragene ā€“ PCR to NGS

More DNA samples in less time for BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 research project

Researcher Starts Open Access Genome Project in the UK

Oragene facilitates pharmacogenetic study in Saudi Arabia

HEMAgeneā€¢BUFFY COAT wins 2014 ISBER outstanding new product award

Going global: how our regulatory strategy helps genetic research

Large Cohort Study Shines Light on the Fragile X Syndrome Gray Area

Customer feedback ā€“ are we listening?

Genetics and post traumatic stress disorder

Total protection of buffy coat samples - HEMAgeneā€¢BUFFY COAT stabilizing reagent

Using genetics to understand neurodevelopmental & psychiatric disorders

DNA Genotekā€™s top 10 list for 2013

Using NGS and DNA from saliva to find needles in haystacks

A peek inside technical support and customer service at DNA Genotek

The origin and impact of the DISC1 gene: From schizophrenia to ADHD

Gene-by-environment interactions: When nature and nurture collide

Get your copy of the DNA Genotek 2014 Activity Calendar

Oragene as a solution for international DNA sample collection

Itā€™s in the Genes: Incorporating genetic analysis into your research

Saliva DNA plays vital role in international clinical research studies run from Australia

A peek into what quality really means to DNA Genotek

Telomeres & neighborhoods: the impact on childrenā€™s long term health

Methodologies for the analysis of human exomes using DNA from saliva

The impact of bacterial DNA in saliva on whole genome sequencing

Novel applications in complex biomarker analysis - ESHG 2013

Spit for Africa program facilitates population-based genetic studies

Announcing DNA Genotekā€™s ā€˜Your Choiceā€™ Award*

Saliva DNA enables pharmacogenetic testing for psychiatric medication

Saliva DNA helps cancer research project meet recruitment goals

Genomics: the power and the promise

Announcing $10,000 GenoFIND Genomic Services Award

HLA typing in Israel with Oragene and ORAcollect

Reliability & stability of Oragene samples for WGS & exome sequencing

DNA Genotekā€™s Top 10 List for 2012

A special holiday wish from DNA Genotek

10 hints to optimize DNA saliva samples, based on millions of samples

Innovation to facilitate oral microbiome studies

Genomic services now available direct from DNA Genotek

Sneak preview of DNA Genotek at ASHG 2012

25,000 DNA saliva samples for Spit for the Cure (and counting)

France takes to the street to collect DNA samples for HLA registry

How to choose the right platform for high-throughput DNA extraction

[INFOGRAPHIC] DNA from saliva vs blood ā€“ who wins the cost battle?

Battle of the Oragene t-shirts ā€“ vote now

Natural selection in high altitude: Oragene functions as an enabler for challenging field research

How to choose the best method for low-throughput DNA extraction

Can saliva replace blood for DNA collection and analysis? (Part 3 of 3)

DNA Genotek Is Awarded Key Patent for Oral Sample System

Can saliva replace blood for DNA collection and analysis? (Part 2 of 3)

Can saliva replace blood for DNA collection & analysis? (Part 1 of 3)

Video protocol for prepITā€¢L2P sample preparation kit now available

Saliva samples as a source of DNA for high throughput genotyping

Our DNA and the food we eat

New Oragene user group on LinkedIn

Music festival attracts new donors to HLA registry with saliva DNA

Tell us why you use Oragene and receive a $20 iTunes gift card

How confident are you in your oral DNA sample?

Solving genetic mysteries with DNA from saliva

DNA from saliva boosts biobank numbers

DNA from saliva vs. blood ā€“ who wins the cost battle?

Supercentenariansā€™ DNA keeps the grim reaper at bay

Event collection award program for HLA registries

Further evidence ā€“ Next Gen Sequencing of DNA for Oragene/saliva samples

DNA Genotek Grant Program winner to be announced on March 27, 2012

Orageneā€¢DNA is now Orageneā€¢DISCOVER for US research customers

DNA from saliva boosts recruitment for PROCAS study

DNA Genotekā€™s top ten list for 2011

A Special Holiday Wish from DNA Genotek

DNA Analysis in the Oklahoma Family Health Patterns Project

Itā€™s Movember at DNA Genotek

Nature versus nurture: What's your opinion?

New product launch ā€“ ORAcollectā€¢DNA

Need help funding a research project using DNA in saliva?

Check out DNA Genotek at ICHG/ASHG

DNA from saliva to ID genetic variants of aggressive prostate cancer

Freshmanā€™s guide to starting university: laptop, text books and DNA from saliva

DNA from saliva facilitates dermatological studies in Singapore

Letter to DNA Genotek customers re: acquisition by OraSure Technologies

Saliva as a medium to study microbial DNA

DNA from saliva to identify biomarkers predicting nicotine dependence

UCLA team develops methylation-based model to predict age with Oragene

The state of personalized medicine

Orageneā€¢DNA to Simplify DNA Collection for Genetic Study into ADHD

Introducing OMNIgeneā€¢ORAL for infectious disease sampling

Orageneā€¢DNA facilitates Italyā€™s ā€˜Basketball Players to the Boneā€™

Orageneā€¢DNA Selected by Genomind for Personalized Medicine Test

3 reasons DNA from saliva is ideal for GWAS

Oragene is a reliable source of DNA for next generation sequencing

Biorepositories Asia to deliver strong program on sample management and biobanking

Oragene facilitates DNA collection at Luxembourgā€™s Relay for Life

DNA Genotek Inc. Submits Filing for 510(k) Clearance

Challenges in DNA sample collection for personalized medicine

Orageneā€¢RNA measures variability in gene expression for VITO

Orageneā€¢ANIMAL helps save endangered species

DNA Genotek presents new research at PAG 2011

DNA Genotek at the 2011 Personalized Medicine World Conference

Relationships, attraction and genetics

DNA Genotekā€™s Top 10 List for 2010

Dingoes, African wild dogs and Orageneā€¢ANIMAL

HLA typing, transplants and Oragene (part 2)

HLA typing, transplants and Oragene (part 1)

DNA Genotek presents new research at ASHG 2010

Don't miss DNA Genotek at the American Society for Human Genetics

DNA saliva samples for SNP and CNV analysis on microarrays

TLCā€™s ā€œLittle Coupleā€ looks to DNA from saliva for genetic testing

Update ā€“ State Fair DNA collection

Performageneā€¢LIVESTOCK to facilitate national GenoTest program

Generation Scotland overcomes recruitment challenge with Orageneā€¢DNA

State Fair to drive DNA collection for children's study

Easy & painless DNA collection for infants, children and non-spitters

Orageneā€¢DNA enables study to identify host correlates of protection against TB

Special offer -- free DNA isolation services from Orageneā€¢DNA samples

Collaboration, collective action and DNA from saliva help end disease

New extraction kit for Orageneā€¢DNA available from Beckman Coulter

Epigenetic change and gene inactivation demonstrated in the saliva of a cancer patient carrying an ā€œepimutation of MLH1ā€.

Storage of Purified DNA from Orageneā€¢DNA Samples

Solving Recruitment and Compliance Challenges with DNA from Saliva

Research Study Validates Orageneā€¢ANIMAL for Canine GWAS Studies

Best Practices for Long-term Storage of Orageneā€¢DNA Samples

Orageneā€¢DNA Selected by The Anthony Nolan Trust for Pilot Project

Saliva DNA Collection Provides Clues to Human Evolutionary History

DNA Genotek Launches New Science Education Program for DNA Day

Collecting DNA with Saliva -- An Interview Columbia University

Orageneā—DNA Wins Prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award

Rinse, Swab or Spit -- What's the Real Source of DNA in Saliva?

Clinical Reference Laboratory Enhances Test Menu With Adoption of Orageneā€¢DNA Saliva Collection Kit

Are You Willing to ā€˜Give a Spitā€™ for Epilepsy Research?

DNA from Saliva.... The Newest Tool in Cancer Research?

BioServe Joins DNA Genotek Partner Program

7 Simple Steps to Maximize DNA Yield with Orageneā€¢DNA

Hunting for Cancer Genes with DNA from Saliva

Spotlight on DNA Genotek's Newest Partners

Lifestyle Management, Weight Loss and Genetics

Has DNA Collection Gone to the Dogs?

Live Report from the Plant and Animal Genome Conference in San Diego

Introducing Performageneā€¢LIVESTOCK -- DNA Genotek's Newest Product

DNA Genotek's Top 10 List for 2009

Saliva-based DNA Collection Solves a Tropical Disease Mystery

Saliva Provides High Yield Canine DNA

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